Living in a 55+ Community offers many advantages! Generationally similar communities encourage activities and friendships just by being together.  A sense of neighborliness and camaraderie comes from having great neighbors.  Not all 55+ communities offer the same security though, and it’s important to ask these questions before you buy!

Where’s the fun? What are the activities going on in the community?  Has the “fun & games” committee fallen by the wayside? Have dances, games, or other activities ended or no longer well-attended? Communities get older and folks who used to put in the time to make things happen don’t last forever. You may want to volunteer your services and contribute the time; be certain though that there are neighbors who want to have fun and enjoy themselves as you do.


Who’s minding the money? 55+ communities are often multi-million dollar operations overseen by a resident board.  Resident boards hire the management company and oversee the operations of the association.  It’s always good to know if the management company and the property maintenance contractors have been around for a while. Finances are very important.  What is the capital account balance and has it been growing every year?  Have there been recent assessments of the owners?  Have the monthly fees gone up substantially over the years?  A call to a Board Member can be very assuring and the board may provide the financial information before you buy.  When you are under contract to buy a 55+ community property you’ll get this information and more to help you know you’re making a good decision.  





Do the grounds and landscaping look great? Is there a lot of pride in the community?  Are owners taking care of the outside of their homes and spending time gardening?  And are residents out enjoying their community on the walking trails or clubhouse grounds?  You’ll get a good feeling if you drive through a community and get waved at or when people are happy to stop and chat about their community.  Tour the community and find out!


Do the homes have what you are looking for?  You have your “must-haves” and “nice to have” amenities… do the homes in the communities have what you need?  Decide if a basement is a requirement, or a 1 or 2-car garage.  2 bedrooms or 3?  Updated or ready for your finishing touches?  And, does the clubhouse offer tennis, bocce, or pickleball, pools, and activities?   Knowing what you want will help find that perfect 55+ community home faster.

Call me, Geoff Wilkinson!  I have the experience you need to find that great next home.  Here in 2021, 55+ communities have very few homes for sale.  I help people find homes before they go on the market and help buyers avoid the dreaded multiple offer situation.  Put me to work for you and I’ll find that great new 55+ home for you!