Moving to more convenient, one-floor living doesn’t have to be overwhelming!


While you shop for the community and then the new home right for you and your needs, you can start preparing your home for the move and eventual sale.


Remember, a decluttered home will sell more quickly for more money so start today. Make a plan. Follow the plan. Make your move! Here are steps you can take to make things easy:

  • Let your family know you intend to move soon. Moving will require help from all members of the family to make things easy. Now is the time to let the kids know they need to get their stuff! Attics and basements full of furniture and family items need to go and go now.
  • Estimate the size of your new home. Are you looking for 2-3 bedrooms? A basement? Garage? Your new home will determine how much stuff will fit in your new home. If you are moving from 4 bedrooms to two, you have 2 bedrooms to empty. Determine what and how much to bring with you based on your new home!
  • Decide where the antiques and important furniture are headed. Do your kids have “dibs” on certain items? Are items promised to other people or historical organizations? Donations made now ensure that your intentions are fulfilled and arguments avoided. Now is the time to move these items to their new homes. It has to go sometime and you’ll save money not moving it when the house sold.
  • Get rid of everything? Why not!!! You’ve worked hard over the years to enjoy today. New homes sometimes deserve new furniture, decorations, new paint, and flooring. Stagers and decorators are great to help you decorate your new space.
  • These days, the kids' homes are just as full as yours and kids aren’t interested in your old stuff. Selling your extra furniture and stuff takes time and energy you may not have. Professionals are terrific at helping you get value for the things not going to your new home. There are many online opportunities that you can take advantage of for the “do it yourselfer”.
  • Donations to Goodwill, Purple Heart, Salvation Army, and other charities will make you feel good and will help the community. It will also speed the process as many charities will come and pick up donated clothing, household items, and sometimes furniture.
  • Furniture and stuff that ends up in a storage facility rarely end up back in the home. It creates extra expense and frustration and immediately creates 2 moves: one to the storage, and one back to the house. Make the decisions now and not end up with the extra expense and extra junk!
  • Check your trash schedule for bulk items. A bulk item out of the house every month will go a long way to making room and saving money when you move.
  • Remember to save old pesticides, oil-based paints, and other hazardous chemicals for your local municipal hazardous material drop-off events. Make friends with your neighbors who might have extra space in their trash cans every week! 



Make a Plan: You don’t know when that perfect home will present itself so having more time makes things easy. 


Start Your Plan

Begin with a Family Meeting to discuss how your move will affect everyone in the family. Be firm in your decision to find your best new home. Discuss where the home might best be located for parents, kids & grandkids considered. Be firm that while you may not yet have found your new home, now is the time to get started. And ask for help! Most families have a lot to move so you are not alone. 


Work your Plan

Chunk it down to manageable bite-sized tasks. Start with one room or even just a closet. Seeing an empty room or closet will be a great start and will motivate you to take on another. Another great start is to see what a charity will take and clear out old clothes or other items and have the charity pick them up. It's an easy way to start that will make you feel great. Once you’ve started you can get courageous and empty the attic onto the driveway for the yard sale or sorting for the kids or charity! 


Finding your new home during this process will speed up the need for speed. Professionals are at the ready… Let’s find that great new place today.